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DevOps Before DevOps


Our DevOps journey started with a company run by Sales with an ever changing directionlike, every week. To survive, we needed iterative development, nightly deploys, manageable development streams and lots of automation. We extended version control to support cherry picking "need it now" features, created a trusted deployment pipeline with automated build, test and deploy, and a promotion system that allowed for daily releases with minimal downtime. Most importanta continuous improvement culture.


In shortDevOps.

2006 - 2013

Rinse and Repeat


With a successful implementation of DevOps under our belt, we travelled around and applied it at other places. Every place we looked, we saw the same issuesa delivery system that stifled development and frustrated business and technology teams. We applied the same principles, tuning them as appropriate for each organizationand used the latest tools. With each success, the capacity of the organizations we were working with grew. No longer was the delivery of business value held back because of manual processes delaying innovation and sucking up resources.

2014 - PRESENT

A DevOps Container Platform


At the Government of British Columbia, we worked on and helped direct a team that took the DevOps concepts to the platform level, deploying a full-on premise container platformRed Hat's OpenShift. That experience covered all levels of abstractionarchitecting the system, deploying / maintaining the platform, designing the application pipeline, defining how teams would build applications, and last but perhaps most important, building a sharing community around the platform. It was an awesome, incredibly valuable experience.

And a huge success.


2017 - PRESENT

A Blockchain Deep Dive


As part of another BC Government project, we became involved with blockchain, and specifically, the Linux Foundations's Hyperledger Indy and Aries projects. As with the container platform experience, this allowed us to contribute to and help direct major new innovations, including Orgbook BC and the Verifiable Organization Network. Hyperledger Indy and Aries are promising technologies that add a new identity layer to the Internetand the privacy, security that comes with enabling trusted transactions on the Internet.

Never a dull moment!





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Identity on Blockchain and Verifiable Credentials

We have been working with, and contributing to the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Indy and Aries projects since 2017. In that work, we've dug deeply into self-sovereign identity (SSI), decentralized identifiers (DIDs), verifiable credentials (VCs) and the blockchain foundation that will drive the next major wave of Internet innovation.


Want help with understanding decentralized identity/verifiable credentials and whether your organization should be getting involved (spoiler alert - you should!)? We can help you understand the space and help you get started.

Consulting, Training and Technical Writing

We offer consulting, training and technical writing for identity using blockchain solutions and DevOps. In both domains, we anchor our services around two courses for getting started:

  • “Get-Up-to-Speed Quickly”: A half- to one-day course, taught at a business-level.

  • “Deep-Dive for Developers”: A one- to two-day course, taught at a more technical level with lots of hands-on labs and demos.


Both courses are intended to be customized and extended to kick off discussions and planning for your specific use cases.

Want a sample of what we can do?

DevOps and DevOps Transformations

We've been implementing end-to-end value stream optimizations, integrating Development and Operations teams (DevOps), and creating continuous improvement cultures for more than 15 years.


We provide customized (and open source) training to help your team align on what is to be expected from a DevOps transformation.


We'll work with you to create and execute an agile plan to iteratively and openly carry out your transformation to an effective DevOps culture—giving you agility and expanded delivery capabilities.



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There is a lot going on in the blockchain for identity space and C3I is actively involved.



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